About Me

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My Story


I grew up on the Central Coast, which will always be my first love; but once I had finished high school, I couldn’t wait for the day I could call Sydney home.

My first real job was as an Assurance Junior with one of the ‘Big Eight’ (well that was back then, before it reduced to four!) I was going to uni part time and working full time and travelling backwards and forwards to Sydney from the Coast every day. They were full on 18 hour days including study and travel, and I guess good practice for what was to come when I became a bid manager much later in my career. But more on that in a moment.

I have to confess firstly, that I while I loved being in the city with all of these really smart people, I didn’t really like accounting at all, and it didn’t last very long! During that time, though, someone sat me in front of a personal computer, and as it turns out, it became my second love. I was only punching payroll and management accounting information into it, (figuratively speaking of course!) but I wanted to know everything about it, inside, outside, upside down. I became known as the office geek and the ‘go to’ person for all things technical. Eventually I left that job and joined another chartered accounting firm in Sydney, just to be in charge of all things IT, deferred uni for a year and made the big and more permanent move to the ‘big smoke’.

I stayed doing technical things for some time. I remember implementing this peculiar (at the time) software package called email. I was the first female in NSW to become a Microsoft Certified Professional Engineer (MCSE). I’ve kept that little snippet pretty quiet over the years, as I share my birthday with Steve Jobs, and converted to Apple as a religion in 2002. I finished my Uni degree majoring in Management and Information Systems. I branched out further into learning legal software and systems as well as accounting systems, but there was something far more exciting I could see on the horizon… the Internet. I joined British Telecom (BT) as a pre-sales engineer, designing frame relay and IP networks. From there it was a pretty easy jump into sales and channel/partner management and from there into Global Accounts Marketing. I learned the craft of Bid Management and loved the excitement of going after (and winning!) big deals.

From there I went to Cisco for a short period, before I received another amazing gift – my daughter Amy. After living overseas for a period in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where I learned to speak a bit of French and played a lot of tennis, it was time to go back to work – this time as a Bid Manager for Optus. I stayed in Telecommunications for some time, also joining a UK telco called Vanco, where I was global account manager for the Lend Lease account, and also had Asia Pac responsibilities for O’Brien Glass and Accor Hotels.

I then took a break from the big corporates to take on a really different challenge, as Sales and Marketing Manager for a division of a company called Corum Group. As a #1 seller of rental payment solutions to the Real Estate Industry, I got to manage a call centre, lead and mentor the sales team, and tackle the overall marketing strategy. We almost doubled the customer base in two years. During that time I wrote some articles for a publication called “Sold Magazine” (and would later, in 2010, become the Editor for the publication).

Fast forward to 2010 and after another short career break I became a contractor to PwC as a Proposal Coach, coaching some of the firm’s most senior stakeholders in all aspects of bids and proposals. During that time, I also wrote and delivered the curriculum for the Building Winning Pursuits course at Consulting Academy (a two day program), and assisted in winning several multi-million dollar contracts, mostly Government. Initially, it was a six month contract that turned into full time for nearly three and a half years, and I did immensely enjoy my time there.

While I have spent most of my career in Sales and Marketing with blue chip corporates, like BT, Cisco, Optus, and PwC, it is now great to be able to use my experience helping others with all sorts of marketing and pitching for new business — whether it’s a bunch of smaller clients or a large multi-million dollar bid. I’m happy to get involved in all aspects of marketing projects from concept to execution and have great project management skills to back that up. I’m still in love with all things digital though, which is continually referenced throughout my work, as has been throughout my career.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][/vc_row]