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Don’t hesitate to reach out!

I have experience with all types of businesses great and small and am never too busy for a chat about what you need.

Key areas of experience:

  • Creating Content “Magic” through writing, proofing, and editing (eg Newsletters)
  • Sales Management and Coaching/Training
  • Marketing Strategy and Execution (traditional and digital including websites)
  • Proposals and Bids (Coaching, Strategy, Management, Writing, Oral presentations)
  • PR and communication
  • Marketing and publishing in the iTunes Bookstore
  • Ghostwriting
  • ….. plus other things that you may come across on this website!

Contact Details:

[vc_column_text]Postal Address:
Suite 35, 4 Young Street
Neutral Bay  NSW  2089 
[vc_column_text]Phone: +61 2 8231 6669
Connect with me on LinkedIn.

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